Sunday, January 31, 2010

Are we self-responsible?

Shahid Ali Form Nasirabad Hunza
If we glance at the present situation of Pakistan then a series of problems come across our mind. Our economy is decreasing day by day, law and order situation is becoming doubtful, inflation is on its climax. These are the primary problems which give birth to several secondary problems; such as, unemployment, illiteracy and ignorance. These are the main causes to produce a threat to our national integrity, which we call "**terrorists". Let us examine our self. It is a fact that we are well aware of all these issues and there causes. We are gone through news everyday. Now we should ask question from our self that, are we playing our individual role? The answer is definitely NO! We are just blaming each others. We go through newspapers and news channels for the sack of information and entertainment but never try to give our positive opinion in the best interest of our country. Now it is my humble request to all of you please stops blaming each others and the government, show some flexibility, think for this country, come up with new ideas and play your individual roles for the betterment of our motherland.

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