Friday, May 7, 2010

BASHA DAM is just only for the NWFP & PUNJAB not for GILGIT-BALTISTAN

It is great issue raise for the NORTHERN areas to disperse their concentration from the basic problems of the region, it is common in Gilgit-Baltistan that "Is Basha Dam benificial for us or not?" everyone is discussing on this topic but still we have not understand its fact. The Question is simple, where is it located? is there any industry in Gilgit-Baltistan? who will get the interest from it? who will be the Owner of it? why DAM is contructed here? what will be given to the residents of the region?

Everyone (POLITITION) thinks of changing the world, but no one (POLITITION) thinks of changing himself

by Iqbal Burcha Essa Kahn President NASA - KU,University of Karachi,PAKISTAN.

The world conditions are just like the water vapors in the atmosphere which moves according to the direction of the air. We people of Northern areas are residing in the highly sensitive region of the world, where everyone has to be attentive, but this is far away from everyone. Everyone of us trying to change the world but no one try to change himself, so the world is in crises, if everybody gives up his bad means by which he or she take them away from hard work, then it will be easy for everyone to do work of their own part. But we can see work shares in all the fields. We don't think so far about the future of our region? How world is revolutionized? the political crocodiles are trying to eat the food of our people, we are still unawake in our all fields from politics to education each and everyone raise their slogan for their own interest, no one is ready to do constructive work for nation.
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