Friday, January 22, 2010

Accessing Awe-inspiring Northern Areas From Islamabad

By: Andy Carl
Traveling along the countless roads in Islamabad you cannot help but perceive the vast adoration for SUV automobiles here versus any other key city in Pakistan. One would right away relate this circumstance with the big population of property owners and political dignitaries staying in Islamabad but that is not the only explanation for the prevalent usage of four wheel drives here. Islamabad is one of Pakistan's only designed, recent cities encircled by beautiful lush hills and leads to many spectacular spots in the northern areas of Pakistan.

Routes going from Islamabad to countless points up North have witnessed incredible development in the preceding several years. However, past a particular place, developed roads are no longer accessible and a majority of the territory is unreachable by standard automobiles. Places are reachable via rough trails established by constant use and are utilized by more qualified drivers who are acquainted with these regions and have regularly driven through these routes. With abrupt falls and quite a few landslides it is senseless for drivers foreign to these places to drive without the assistance of a guide.

The most established SUVs utilized to get these places include the Mitsubishi Intecooler and the Prado Land Cruiser. Many open-top jeeps are also utilized but are not as well liked with families due to the probability of rainfall or the chilly climate. It is effortless to lease one of these automobiles along with an adept driver for individually organized outings or as normally promoted tour packages. It is always a wise idea to pay a little additional cash and opt for a dependable tour guide to circumvent any dreaded incidents.

The fascinating northern areas are home to a few of the most amazing places all over the planet. It is in these places that world famous mountain ranges like the Himalayas and Karakoram meet and are an acknowledged spot for trekkers. A different fascinating place easily reached in your SUV is the Kalash valley, whose residents are presumed to be the offspring of the Greek armies led by Alexander the Great. A somewhat unaffected society, their culture continues to stay mostly the same ever since ancient times. There is a lot to see here including their colorful ancient shrines.

A considerable number of streams and lakes can also be seen in the northern areas of Pakistan, the most well-liked being Saiful Muluk, situated a amazing3200 meters above sea level making it one of the highest lakes worldwide. The location is thrilling and sparkling waters reflect the astonishingly impressive encircling snow filled summits. Trout fishing is a highly prized pursuit in these places and a grand point for anglers. The noteworthy Shandur Pass also provides two very spectacular, lakes.

To incorporate the total area in detail would need a proper manuscript and several of these are easily available in Pakistan as well as abroad. Pakistan is fortunate to have astonishingly impressive places like Sher Qila and Singol and a range of influences from old civilizations like Hindus. The northern areas require a considerable number of trips and several days to cover absolutely and it is always a good decision to drive in a superior SUV to make the experience considerably more satisfactory.

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