Friday, May 7, 2010

Everyone (POLITITION) thinks of changing the world, but no one (POLITITION) thinks of changing himself

by Iqbal Burcha Essa Kahn President NASA - KU,University of Karachi,PAKISTAN.

The world conditions are just like the water vapors in the atmosphere which moves according to the direction of the air. We people of Northern areas are residing in the highly sensitive region of the world, where everyone has to be attentive, but this is far away from everyone. Everyone of us trying to change the world but no one try to change himself, so the world is in crises, if everybody gives up his bad means by which he or she take them away from hard work, then it will be easy for everyone to do work of their own part. But we can see work shares in all the fields. We don't think so far about the future of our region? How world is revolutionized? the political crocodiles are trying to eat the food of our people, we are still unawake in our all fields from politics to education each and everyone raise their slogan for their own interest, no one is ready to do constructive work for nation.

 GILGIT-BALTISTAN is full of bounties from all angels but unfortunately the residents of the region are unaware of all the opportunities, the selfish leaders get their own benefit, and then even don’t know the definition of LEADER. Politicians of Gilgit - Baltistan are using the students only for their own interest, they don’t have any information from any of the district but they consider themselves as a leader of Gilgit-Baltistan. Everyone say easily himself as a NATIONALIST, but it is far away from them, as they cannot do for themselves and for their family then how can they do for the whole nation? If we think broadly, they are burdens on our nation. So when such people say anything we should reply them at the moment, should not wait for others. For God the residents of Northern areas ask from such non since politicians who are making their own bank accounts and property from the Funds of Gilgit-Baltistan. If every one of us use our vote and opinion for better one then it can be a sign for the progress in the region. Next year elections will be held for that everyone should be ready to use their decision. So again i say to the politicians of Northern areas to change themselves not the world. 
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